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Just As Family Health Care Services

Caregiver/Patient Care

* Bathing

* Dressing

* Grooming

* Continence care

* Walking & mobility

* Light housekeeping                           * Prepare nutritious meals

* Feeding

* Administer medication 

* 24 hour contact in case of                  emergency

* Other services as needed

What people are saying about Just As Family services:

“I have been biting my nails stressing over my loved ones health care, but low and behold Just as Family’s caring and attentive services has allowed me to become stress free.”



“Just As Family Health Care Services has really made things easier on me... I can go throughout my day and not worry about if my loved ones are being taken care of properly.”



Who pays for patient care?

You will receive a billing  statement  in the mail weekly. Payment is due upon arrival of your statement. We are available to assist you with any questions or concerns  you may have regarding  your billing statement.

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